Saturday, August 04, 2007


एकदा एका चौकात ठेवली होती खुर्चि
प्रत्येकाला खुणावत होती ती जागा वरची

तिला बघुन बंड्याला जागिच घाम फ़ुटला
त्यात बसणाऱ्या सरांचा त्याला एकदम भास झाला.

तिला बघुन चिंटुला एकदम मज्जा वाटली..
चाकांसकटच्या खुर्चिची केलेली गाडी त्याला आठवली

खुर्चिला बघताच माने जागेवरच थबकले.
साहेबाच्या आठवणीचे एकदमच गारठले..

त्याच खुर्चिला पाहुन रोझीची कळी खुलली
कालच कोणी नसताना साहेबाने तिला आपल्या खुर्चितच बसवली

तीच खुर्ची पाहुन मुन्नाभाई गांगरला..
ठाण्यात असल्यासारखा एक कडक सलाम ठोकला.

गाडीतुन जाता जाता, राणेंनी विचार केला साधा
विधानसभेपेक्षा हीचा लोकसभेत फ़ायदा

तिला पाहुन सुमी एकदम रडु लागली
त्या खुर्चीतली आजोबांची मुर्ति तिच्या डोळ्यासमोर आली

राधा खुर्चि पहाताच फ़ारच बुवा लाजली
थेटरातिल कोपऱ्यातिल खुर्ची तिच्या डोळ्यातुन लकाकली

तिला पाहुन जोशी एकदम सुखावले
पोटावर केसरी ठेवुन काढलेल्या डुलक्यांचे भास त्यांना झाले

अश्या ह्या खुर्चिने चौकात एकदम कमी जागा व्यापली आहे
चौकापेक्षा जास्त चारचौघांच्या मनातच ती वसली आहे


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Growing In Vacuum -- Cause of Terrorism

Boooom!!!!!!!!!!!! Boooooooooommm!!! the bombs are now a days every where.. earlier we used to think they are targeting some countries from which they want something, but now they even started targeting their own lands.. own people...

Yes !! I'm Talking about terrorists and terrorism.... every debate i am hearing is about "Who" started it?? "Who" are they?? "Where " they come from?? "What" they want?? "How" to stop them??? "When" they can attack next??.. "How" to punish them..?? "Where" to find them?? One can see we are asking every kind of WH Questions expect WHY???

Why do they exist?

And i guess answer to that question may help in solving many problem..... and i am not saying this piece of blog with my thoughts will give the root cause, but yes if "Experts" in various threads of society come together and have healthy debate on the ground root problem, then yes definitely we will have root cause of this which will then may lead us to permanent solution.

Yes, A Permanent Solution for Terror!! whatever world is doing is not Stopping / Reducing terror but just 'Avoiding' it. neither force nor agreements between governments will solve this problem permanently. But most probably, or i would say certainly, demolishment of Root cause is the only solution. The problem is "WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE"???

first lets confirm what is terrorism??, and who are terrorists?? As per me Terrorists are those people who spread terror for their own REAL interest. having said that, though the visible interests may differ, the real interest is to grab 'importance'. To grab the position. The position which society has Denied them to get.

"Is terrorism a product of religion?"

i would say NO. there is terrorism / extremism in name of every religion on this earth..

"Is terrorism a product of religious Belief??"

I would again say NO.. whatever your belief is, psychologically it is not easy to become Terrorist. Just religious beliefs don't give you the courage to fight to get the desired thing.

"They Why only certain religions have more extremist groups than other???"

This is very interesting question. Take a simple example. There are two boys one is of Religion A and other is of B. There is One Apple left and both are hungry. There can be various scenarios possible

1) Both boys fight with each other, the one wins get entire Apple. and other boy remains Hungry.

2) Both the boys fight for apple. Both are equally strong. so finally Both share the apple. and both are happy.

3) Both the boys fight for it. As both are equally strong its difficult for any one to win. Suddenly one boy says This Apple is for sell. Since he knew other guy don't have money he remains hungry

Among all above cases the future results are different.. In case A, World War II happens. In case 2 European reunion happens and in case C seed for terrorism is planted. There is no relation of which religion you are from. You are just denied what is desired.

And hence According to me the major cause for terrorism is "Money". Rather denying the desired, just because one don't have money. In such cases, if there is no way to earn money to achieve what is desired, men choose alternative. Attitude is like "You don't give me because i don't have money?? hahaha i will still show you that i can get it". And in such situation if you alone cannot grab the desired, find the group of people who desire the same and try to achieve it, and that spreads the "Terror"!!

"So can we say the terrorism a byproduct of capitalism??"

Partly Yes. you can say it is byproduct of capitalism. But "Desiring" something is as natural as breathing. in above example of case 3, the situation bows seeds for terrorism. But after that the process of "Grouping" of alike minded people and thinking of "Action" and then actually acting accordingly takes lot from external forces.

But a single Force can stop this as soon as seed is bowed. Take example above, there are two possible endings, but the same start
Start: the boy will be first depressed. And then become angry that he don't have money.
End I: His mother tells him, Presently they are not rich because his dad lost his job. But if you try hard and take every good and honest efforts, one day will arrive, when you shall get enough money to buy entire farm of apples.
End II: His friend tells him, Presently they are not rich because his dad lost his job being from religion A. Even if you try hard and take every efforts, one day will arrive, you will be denied to eat apple because you are from Religion A.

This is the point and situation where the future of the boy "DECIDES". There can be separate debate why this day should be in the life so that he can buy an apple. but even after that the Direction that he gets decide the his and ultimately everyone of ours future.

So if we take a overview, More than Poverty, The root cause is the Direction given to jobless people. Or we can say a whole part of generation which is born after capitalist world is born. They have various temptations in present world like earlier, but now they are "AWARE" of tempting things and also aware that it is not possible to get it.

It just happen that some section of the society of same religion fall in lower income group and hence not getting Apple. But the Director (in this case leader of the respective group) should be responsible enough to use this opportunity to direct the crowd in "Competitive" and "Motivating" way rather than "Depressing", "Power oriented" way.

Yes!! here comes the point. This entire section of post-capitalist generation is lacking DIRECTION. And good direction can resolve this.
Now, still this is prime cause but not the root cause. now the question arise

"Who is the director? and when he will direct the crowd"

The truth is "You are the director". As you can see.. Everyone of this "extremist" category is growing in Vacuum and now there is no way we can pull them back on "Ground". But this society, that includes everyone, me and YOU, needs to make sure that no one is growing in "Thoughtless", "Directionless", "Aimless" vacuum anymore.

And to reduce vacuum, just be calm and quiet and help the person who is trying to remain on ground during his depressive days. always tell every one only one sentence of great Mr M.K. Gandhi "Eye for an Eye will leave world Blind"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

आपण यांना पाहिलय का?

अजुनही आठवतय,
आईचं बोट धरून रोज शाळेत जाणं..
तिचं लक्ष नसतानाही हजार शंका विचारणं...
जगातल्या प्रत्येक गोष्टीकडे कुतुहलाने पहाण...
माझ्या ह्या अहर्निश बडबडीला आता ग्रहण लागलय का?
रोजच्या धावपळीत माझी निरागसता हरवली आहे... आपण यांना पाहिलय का??

चिंब पावसात भिजुन.. मग भुट्टा खाणं...
चौपाटीवरचा गोळा भुर्ऱर्ऱर्ऱ करुन चोखण...
केवळ पैजेखातर पेप्सि बॉटल एका दमात रिचवणं...
नंतर न थांबणाऱ्या ढेकरा आता कायमच्या थांबल्यात का?
क्षणिक सुखाच्या मागे धावताना खरा आनंद हरवला आहे.. आपण यांना पाहिलय का??

WWF च्या कार्डांची संपत्ती आनंदानं साठवण...
खिसाभर चिंचांसाठी अख्खि टेकडी चढुन जाणं...
एका सायकल साठी भरपुर अभ्यास करणं....
ती आणल्याच्या आनंदात बाबांना मारलेली मिठी आता सैल झाली आहे का?
मोटारी मागे धावताना याच सायकलने दीलेलं समाधान विसरलो आहे... आपण यांना पाहीलय का??

केसांतुन लाडाने फ़िरणाऱ्या आईच्या हातांनी मिळणारी शांतता हरवली आहे...आपण यांना पाहीलय का??डिस्कोच्या गोंगाटात मंदीराच्या घंटेचा नाद हरवला आहे... आपण यांना पाहीलय का??
कॅक्टस ब्युटीच्या जमान्यात मोगऱ्याचा सुग़ंध हरवला आहे... आपण यांना पाहीलय का??
हास्यक्लबच्या कल्लोळात निर्व्याज हसु हरवलं आहे... आपण यांना पाहीलय का?

आता काय काय सांगु...
ह्या जनसागरातही एकटा असणारा मी...
माझा मलाच शोधतो आहे.. माझा मीच हरवलो आहे...
आपण खऱ्या मला पहिलय का??

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Long Walk Home...

Its the movie i just finished watching.. It just triggered or rather you can say disturbed my mind.. first lemme give jinx of the story... Its about Montgomery boycott.. A "black" maid working for a white family.. maid decides to participate in boycott.. but she has to work to feed her children.. she continue to work by walking 9 miles daily.. Defying both Miriam's husband (from white family) and powerful white council, Miriam and Odessa (maid) put their life in danger for civil rights..
Their shared experience draw them closer as friends for lifetime. Together in the word of "Black" and "White" they found a common ground for "Work"

Its just a touching story.. every character is so powerful that you cannot ignore any of them.. this entire story is told from eyes of 9 year white child.. it shows the innocence at that age.. the helplessness sometimes even child faces... she loves her maid and mom but also she loves her dad..

Mr. Thompson is another strong racist character.. but he is not blind racist as his friends.. he knows something is wrong.. but do not have courage like his wife to stand and fight.. rather he choose to keep his wife in safe closet....

there is family of Odessa.. her elder daughter.. who take bus during boycott and face awful situation. Her brave younger son.. who tries to stand up in front of 3 elder whites... her Husband.. ways with her.. and supports her with action and without words...

Mrs Thompson.. The star character of the movie.. she faces everything.. but her pure soul finally make her stand and act helping this boycott...

And last but not least Odessa.. The expression.. the calmness.. the pride .. the humanity.. the anger.. the positiveness. .. boldness.. all in one.. hats of to such women...

This movie has so many small incidence..forming beautiful pattern. that keeps this movie way high than other similar movies...

What i believe is This movie still proves that Gandhism the "THE WAY" for any thing and every thing.. it gives weapon of strength.. the weapon than gandhism gave .. the the one everyone has.. The weapon of WILL... To follow Gandhism.. you do not need money.. You do not need power.. You do not need physical weapons.. You do not need creativity.. you do not need knowledge.. you do not need anything but you..

If you can say NO to the wrong you feel.. You become Gandhi.. Then let it be Montgomery boycott.. or Non cooperation Movement.. the power of neglected.. its power of unity... its power of Many.. its Power of ONE.. Its power of saying yes to something and power of saying "NO"


Monday, May 21, 2007


नळावरच्या लायनीत काल जावच लागलं
पुरषासारखा पुरुष असुन
त्या बायांच्या राज्यात आंग चोरुन उभ रहावच लागलं

वहीनी आमची चवथ्यांदा पोटुशी ऱ्हाली
तीचं करुन करुन माय कमरत वाकली

आज मग बाबुला उदबत्या विकयला धाडलं
आन माझ नशीब ह्या नळावरच आडलं

इतक्यात ती समोरुन आली...
मला थितं उभं पाहुन डोळ्यातुन हासली

तिचा लंबर आज माझ्या मागंच लागला होता
आन हा आजुबाजुचा ग्वोंगाट मला मुजिक वाटु लागला होता..

सावत्याच्या म्हातारीच आन शेजारच्या काकींच चांगलच जुंपलं होत...
हितं मात्र माझ आन तीचं एवाना बरोब्बर जुळल होतं...

पयल्यांदाच हा नळ मला गंगे सारखा वाटला होता..
काठावरचा चाळीचा शीन स्वर्गावानी नटला होता..

हा हा म्हणता दोन तास दोन मिनीटात उडाले
शेवटी माझ्याशी बोलण्यासाठी तिने ओठ उघडले..

"नंबर तुझा आहे.. पण मला भरु देशील का पाणी?"
निसत्या आवाजानचं माझ्या मनात नचु लागली गाणी..

येड्यासारखा मग मी नुसताच लाजलो
हसत हसत तिच्या मागे उभ ऱ्हायलो

घागर भरुन होताच घरी लागली जाउ
च्यायला जाता जाता म्हणली..."धन्यवाद भाऊ !!! "


Sunday, March 04, 2007

तु फ़क्त हो म्हण...

तुला मी स्वप्न देतो,
स्वप्नांना पंख देतो,
पंखाना बळ देतो.... तु फ़क्त हो म्हण...

तुला हवी ती चांदणी देतो...
तुझ्या चांदणीचा चंद्र होतो...
सारे डाग स्वतःवर घेतो.... तु फ़क्त हो म्हण....

तुला साती रंग देतो...
तुझ्या हाती इंद्रधनू देतो...
सारे रंग मिळूनही मी मात्र सफ़ेद रहातो... तु फ़क्त हो म्हण...

खर सांगायचं तर काय हवं ते दे देतो...
तुझ्याकडच तुलाच कसं देणार...
नाहितर म्हटलं असतं माझं काळीज देतो.... तु फ़क्त हो म्हण...


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Black and White…

Whatever you say.. in whichever age you are.. the two colours have made lot of difference in various things right from standard of living to status in society.. the colours are “Black and White”…

In stone age.. the “leader” of the group of people used to get “White” cave to live.. where all the sidewalls of cave used to be white coloured.. While as you descend in the status.. you used to get black caves..

All colours of flowers you can offer to god.. but Black…. Do you offer black rose ??

Only colour that can represent “Cleanliness” is ‘White’.. while Black is dirt…

Is there Black diamond in reality??

White is always called a colour of purity.. unity.. peace… and all good things.. While Black is always dark.. demonstration.. nightmare.. horror…

To summarize.. Human has naturally decided that “White” is “superior” to black

Someone in colonial age started applying same funda to human.. to skin… White skin got importance.. Purity.. Legality.. everything… And Black remains black

In 20th century many people like Mahatma Gandhi fought and tried to make “White” free world.. i.e. not white skin free.. but application of white funda to human skin… It reduced the population of White with “Black” mind…

Still some granular particles are present.. Still when great dancer wants US visa.. is asked to Dance in embassy… Still Indian President of cricket faces humiliating behavior from Aussies.. Still Harper gets backing of Three “White” countries… so on the list is endless but one thing is enough to prove the discrimination
“ Still movie with name “Black” can’t be nominated to Oscar ” ;) :))